Shaping the Future of Media Entrepreneurs:DW Akademie and SMAx

DW Akademie, building on the success of their e-learning platform focusing on journalism skills, has embarked on a new chapter. Recognizing the importance of skills for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts in the journalism sector, they've developed a fresh vision for another platform with distinct requirements tailored to fostering these crucial abilities.

Lectful, Inc Mar 27, 2024

DW Akademie's Smart Media Accelerator (SMA) serves as a powerhouse for quality journalism in Tunisia.This initiative empowers established media outlets and fosters the growth of promising media startups. It operates through two programs: MEDIA LOVES TECH and MEDIA Parcours.MEDIA LOVES TECH acts as an incubator, providing media ventures with the tools and support they need to flourish.This focus on nurturing new media voices helps cultivate a vibrant and dynamic media landscape in Tunisia. Notably, the vision behind the recently launched platform [(] ( stemmed from the very ideas and goals focused on by the SMA.

Building on their fruitful partnership with Lectful for the journalism-focused platform (,DW Akademie knew exactly where to turn for their new e-learning journey.However, the focus has shifted.This new platform targets a different audience and aims to cultivate soft skills, necessitating distinct content and functionalities.Despite these changes, the core collaboration objective remains the same: to provide learners with an engaging and enjoyable e-learning experience.

The new platform by DW Akademie and Lectful capitalizes on the strengths of the previous one while innovating for a fresh learner experience.They've maintained the variety of course formats,user-friendly interface,and scalability that were the signature elements of the previous platform.However,the focus has shifted to new design and contentThe design now reflects the platform's content focus, moving from a DW Akademie-centric identity to a "classy" aesthetic that shows the world of business with a media touch.This creates a more immersive learning experience for users, who feel like they're diving into the heart of the media business.The content, as mentioned, prioritizes the development of essential skills like branding, pitching, and other tools critical for media entrepreneurs.


The new platform focuses on a revolutionary feature that elevates the learning experience: predefined learning path.Recognizing the importance of a structured approach, instructors on SMAx have created the path on the platform.This ensures learners follow a logical sequence, acquiring the necessary skills in a comprehensive order and maximizing their knowledge gain.The predefined path eliminate the guesswork for learners, preventing them from skipping crucial steps in their skill development journey.This structure also benefits instructors, allowing them to better track learner progress and engagement, ensuring a more focused and effective learning experience for all.

Learning path

The highlight of the collaboration was the ability of Lectful’s team to bring DW Akademie’s vision into life.

“I am compelled to applaud the Lectful team for the valuable way they transformed our vision into a remarkable learning tool. The development team's agility and flexibility were fundamental for the delivery. They seamlessly incorporated our ideas, turning them into a user-friendly reality. The platform's evolution reflects their dedication to continuous improvement. Kudos to the Team for making learning an inspiring journey.”

Wael Yahyaoui
Wael Yahyaoui – Instructor and Founder of Taylor Institute

In conclusion, DW Akademie and Lectful's SMAx platform marks a significant step forward in media entrepreneurship education. By leveraging the strengths of their past collaboration and addressing the evolving needs of the media landscape, SMAx empowers aspiring professionals with a personalized learning experience. The platform's predefined learning path ensures learners acquire a comprehensive skillset, while the engaging design and focus on essential soft skills like branding and pitching equips them to navigate the dynamic world of media. This innovative platform, born from the vision of the SMA and expertly crafted by Lectful, has the potential to inspire a new generation of media entrepreneurs, shaping a future where they can flourish.

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