Empowering Journalists Worldwide: DW Akademie's Success Story with E-Learning

DW Akademie, a world leader in international media development, has a long-standing mission: to strengthen free, independent media landscapes around the globe.They achieve this by providing innovative training programs for journalists and media professionals.Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, DW Akademie has recognized e-learning as a key tool to expand their reach and impact.

Lectful, Inc Mar 25, 2024

DW Akademie's mission to empower journalists globally was reaching a limit with traditional training methods.In-person workshops, while effective, were geographically restrictive.They had an objective which is to reach talented journalists in distant corners of the world, like Tunisia and other Arab countries.This limitation on reach limited their ability to maximize their impact.Furthermore, scheduling across time zones and scaling programs to meet growing demand proved challenging.Recognizing this, DW Akademie embarked on a research for a solution that would shatter these geographical and logistical barriers.This research for a more scalable and geographically flexible solution ultimately led them to explore the world of e-learning.

In their mission to empower journalists,DW Akademie initially experimented with e-learning by partnering with a platform called Study.tn and posting a first course.While the course achieved some success, DW Akademie became increasingly fascinated with the potential of the technology behind Study.tn.This sparked a desire to develop their own e-learning solution, a platform tailored specifically to their needs and the needs of aspiring journalists worldwide.

This led them to Lectful, a Tunisian startup known for creating e-learning platforms that cater to each client's specific requirements.Lectful's solution proved to be a perfect fit. The platform was not only user-friendly, making it easy for journalists of all technical backgrounds to participate, but also remarkably scalable.This scalability addressed DW Akademie's core need to reach and train a vast number of journalists worldwide.Furthermore, Lectful's ability to tailor the platform's design to DW Akademie's brand identity was crucial.The resulting platform integrated DW Akademie's visual identity, creating a truly immersive learning experience for users, transporting them into the world of DW.

The collaboration extended beyond just platform creation. Lectful's team, deeply invested in DW Akademie's vision of quality education as a universal right, actively partnered to deliver an exceptional e-learning experience for DW Akademie's learners.This commitment was evident in Lectful taking responsibility for content recording as well.Their team provided invaluable guidance to DW Akademie's trainers and ensured the highest quality standards were met throughout the content creation process.

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DW Akademie's e-learning experience captivates learners for several reasons. First, the content is both clear and concise, while addressing crucial pain points relevant to every journalist.This balance between simplicity and relevance is key.Second, the platform provides a rich variety of courses.Beyond lectures, DW Akademie trainers focus on quizzes, exams and interactive feedback forms to create a dynamic and enriching learning journey. Finally,the platform prioritizes user-friendliness,aligning perfectly with the trainers' vision of a streamlined and intuitive learner experience. This focus on clarity and ease-of-use eliminates technical hurdles, allowing journalists to focus solely on acquiring valuable skills.


“Lectful’s team was always there with me when I was not prepared to record or had any doubt about the content to provide the necessary help”

Inès Cheniour
Inès Cheniour – A trainer at DW Akademie


Lectful's platform (https://mooc.lectful.com/) became the foundation for DW Akademie's innovative e-learning experience.Thanks to this solution,DW Akademie had the chance to expand their courses reach focusing on the basics of journalism to learners all over the Arab world achieving their goals and vision behind the e-learning solution.

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